Add Mommy to the resume!

2019 has been quite an extraordinary year for me. In a mid-December I embarked on my greatest role thus far, mother. I did IVF and that process definitely was one that affected my emotions and took myself and my partner through many unforeseen ups and downs. To find out at the beginning of the year that we were finally pregnant and then to carry and grow that blessing for 10 months, took over my entire 2019.

All of my personal time and ambition and energy went into carrying my son and keeping my mind focused. I did not multi task my other passions during this time. I worked my butt off in the office to get prepared for the upcoming season as well as get ready for my maternity leave (a whole entire story in itself!). When I would get off work, I had just enough to give to stay active and healthy for growing baby and I even went to a therapist to work on myself in preparation to becoming a mommy.

I could complain, or look at the things that didn’t work in 2019, but that wouldn’t be the whole picture of how incredible the journey has been to becoming a mother. That is what this past year will go in my herstory book as; my breakthrough.

I never keep New Years resolutions, y’all! Like never. But I’ve since the birth of my son, I’ve never felt such a tug at my heart to be more and want more from myself. To be able to experience motherhood, for me has been an overwhelming yet empowering life event. I want to be the best version of myself but not for myself, for my son. For my family. I feel it deeply to be the best, whatever that means. To use all my talent. To live a big life. To share that passion and that hustle with my son. To inspire and to practice what I preach. Or rather will preach. So, I am excited to be starting this new chapter. This new surge of commitment and empowerment. Let’s see where it leads. Bring it on #2020.