About Us

Call the right plays

You have put a lot into your education, internships, job, etc. You have to put the same work into creating the right game plan to achieve your professional goals. BWIS is a place to assist in putting together a winning playbook for your career success.

Make it count

Its one thing to network because that what has been drilled in your head since undergrad. And making synergy driven, positive relationships that can move your career in the right direction. Be intentional in creating the right network and career path for you.

Build a strong team

It is hard out here! Sometimes you want to connect with people that can understand and identify with what you have experienced in your career. Or you could be looking for the right tribe to get your foot in the door. Either way, BWIS is your community!

1 + 1 > 1 - 1, Right?

We are always stronger together. Period. It's difficult to navigate the workplace and sport industry on your own and even more difficult when you feel threatened by the other person in the office that looks like you. Diminishing thoughts creep in, "are we being compared?" "Don't want to be clumped in with the other Black woman." But why not?

There is always self doubt or the imposter syndrome that can sneak up on the most confident professional woman. "There is no one that looks like me in my office." "Or in this organization." "There has never been a woman that looks like me in leadership within my organization." "Or ever in my current role." "Or the position that I aspire to have."These are scary circumstances, my trailblazing friend. Never fear! You don't have to self doubt and self handicap in your career, in your office, in your life! You can be your authentic self and you are not alone.

Women laughing together on urban rooftop

Now, is every Black woman's career path in sport the same? Absolutely not. But there is so much to shared and gleaned from storytelling, mentoring, and just a different perspective from those that look and sometimes feel like you do. We must create the change we wish to see. It starts now. It starts with you and me. Visibility matters and I am excited that you decided to show up. Stay fierce and focused, you QBW!