Lions, tigers, and the lack of support, oh my!


So during the holidays, I did quite a bit of reading and catching up on article and stories that resonate with my career own goals. I stumbled across an article on Black Enterprise that made me a little sick to my stomach.

Now granted, it's not specifically speaking to Black women professionals in sport, but definitely to the entirety of women in the workplace which makes the numbers even more bone chilling.

The report said that only one in 25 professionals in the C-suite is a woman of color, only 60 Black women promoted for every 100 men, and 4/10 Black women claim to never have conversations with senior leadership about their work. Booo!

The part I really didn't like was that Black women professionals had the least amount of support when it comes to navigating the organization and work/life balance and that their managers are less likely to promote their accomplishments! YUCK!

This feels all wrong and I am definitely working everyday to change this narrative.

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