You thought it, she said it

I recently purchased Michelle Obama's memoir "Becoming" (on audible y'all!), but haven't gotten a chance to start it. I have been hearing all of the internet's chatter about it whether it was good or bad, or earth shattering. Not really letting that affect my own experience, but definitely taking little mental notes.

One day I saw a headline on a someone in my network's LinkedIn page. "Michelle Obama says Leaning In doesn't work." Actually there was an expletive in there, but you get the point. I was so intrigued by this. I know how the media spins things to be more sensational then they actually were and taken out of context to get someone to trip on their words, so I figured this was a twist of that at work. I wanted to see exactly what happened before I made any conclusions.

She said it. The quote that I got from the story was about how marriage is still not equal and neither is the notion that women can have it all.

"Its not always enough to lean in, because that (bleep) doesn't work."

Yes. There it was. The former first lady just said it as clear as day. And if you were pushing that leaning in and having the work/life balance on lock crap, a President's wife just broke it down for you. Uh uh. Not happening. If she feels it then there is no hope for the rest of us! ha. I leaned in to read the rest of the story, but I definitely opted out of Sheryl Sandberg's mantra when I read the book years ago. I felt very out in the cold after that read. It made me feel alone and also lost, because I felt that there had been many things professionally thus far that really were not in my control. I'm not even talking about marriage or kids, because at the time, it was just me trying to get ahead.

Not that Michelle said anything that was mind blowing or that I didn't already know, but I greatly appreciated her using her platform to just saying that it doesn't work for everyone like that. For years, I've tried to better myself and keep pushing myself when I get knocked down or overlooked, but this was just a nice tap from the universe. "Girl, keep pushing because there is no right way to get what you want."

On another note, I will start reading (listening, if I'm being honest) "Becoming" the first week of the new year.


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